nj_state_houseThe Public Sector Managers’ Association

The Public Sector Managers’ Association, Inc. (PSMA) has been recognized by the State of New Jersey as the Constitutional Representative of all non- aligned/non-union managers in New Jersey government as of November 13, 1993 pursuant to Article 1, Paragraph 19 of the New Jersey State Constitution. PSMA’s responsibility under that provision is to serve as a vehicle for two-way communication between the State as an employer and its non-represented managerial employees.

PSMA, and the PSMA Retiree Network, are partners with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 30  and Local 33, through the Stronger United Labor Council (SUILC).   IBEW Local 30 represents certain managers in State government and IBEW Local 33 represents Deputy Attorneys’ General in State government.  PSMA works closely with SUILC on issues related to non-represented managers and retirees who are not eligible for formal representation.

PSMA’s mission is to serve managers in New Jersey government by achieving and maintaining superior and ethical management service; promoting a high regard for our managers by those outside and within the government; and restoring equity to the human resource policies and practices of New Jersey government as they relate to managers.

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Stan Cach, President

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