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Are you afraid that the State is going to further reduce your pension and retiree medical benefits?
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(Regardless of former title – Effective 1/1/18).


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PSMA Retirees’ Network Update 

The PSMA Retirees’ Network is part of the Stronger United Independent Labor Council.  Newsletters come from SUILC and the news articles are at

The Retirees’ Network is the only organization that can bring you the support of PSMA and the IBEW – so help us grow our membership!

Please take a moment and send an email to a state retiree to ask them to join. If you know of a retired state employee please have him or her go to the link above for more information.  Also, please consider a separate donation to the PSMA PAC to support our legislative campaign – especially in this next election year.

Retirees’ Network Board

Barry Chalofsky

Phil Frigero, Network Representative to SUILC

Ed Frankel

Janice DeGiuseppe

Jeff Reading

PSMA Retirees’ Network Special Report on NJ Income Tax Pension Exclusion

PSMA Retirees’ Network

Special Notice – Retiree Wellness Program

Recently you may have received the Horizon Medicare NJ Direct Magazine.  On page 14 of the magazine there was an article about the Retiree Wellness Program which indicated that you may have to do certain activities in order to “maintain your enrollment” in the program.  This article raised a lot of questions among our members. 

The bottom line is that this only affects retirees who “retired from the State and earned 25 years of service after June 30, 2007 but before June 28, 2011, or retired on a disability retirement on or after August 1, 2007 but before June 28, 2011.”  Those retirees are eligible to enroll in the Retiree Wellness Program and in doing so will not have to pay 1.5% of your gross retirement check. 

This program does not apply to those of us who met the requirements for free health insurance. 

Those retirees who were eligible for the program were notified upon retirement and do need to continue to meet the annual requirements.

For more information on the program visit NJ Direct.